Boy is riding a tricycle downhill

a boy is riding a tricycle downhill

A bright summer day and a steep hill were the perfect ingredients for the adventurous spirit of a young boy. He hopped on his red tricycle, his small hands gripping tightly on the handlebars as he started to pedal downhill.

The wind rushed past his face, and his excitement grew with each second. However, he hadn’t accounted for the thick bushes lining the sides of the road. As he hurtled down the hill, he realized he was going too fast to make the turn at the bottom, and in a panic, he steered towards the bushes, hoping to slow down.

But instead of slowing down, his tricycle got stuck in the dense foliage, and he tumbled headfirst into the thorny branches. The boy cried out in pain as his arms and legs were scratched by the prickly bushes. His mom, who had been watching from a distance, rushed over to check on him and helped him out of the bushes.

Despite the pain and the scratches, the boy couldn’t wait to hop back on his tricycle and ride down the hill again, but this time, he would make sure to steer clear of the bushes.

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