The dog brings a chair to a boy

a dog brings a chair to a boy

One day, a boy was eating his sandwich and waiting for his friend to arrive. His faithful dog, Rusty, sat by his side, watching him with big, brown eyes. Suddenly, Rusty jumped up and disappeared into the other room. The boy could hear Rusty’s claws clicking on the hardwood floor as he made his way across the house.

A few moments later, Rusty emerged, dragging a small chair behind him. The chair was old and a little rickety, but it was perfect for the boy to sit on while he waited for his friend. Rusty set the chair down next to the boy and sat back down, his tail wagging happily.

The boy was surprised and delighted. He patted Rusty’s head and said, “Thank you, boy. You’re such a good dog.” Rusty barked happily in response, his eyes shining with joy. The boy sat down on the chair and continued eating his sandwich, feeling grateful for the thoughtful and caring companion that Rusty was.

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