Boy tries to somersault on a lever

a boy tries to somersault on a lever

It was a hot summer day and the young boy was playing in his backyard. He had seen a lever in the corner of the yard and decided he wanted to see if he could roll onto it. He raised himself with his hands on the lever and sat on it. He let go back on lever and attempted to roll onto it, but instead he fell backwards, landing hard on his head.

The boy wasn’t wearing a helmet, but that didn’t matter. He lay on the ground, dazed and confused, as his mother rushed to his side. She helped him to his feet and checked him over for injuries, but thankfully he seemed to be okay.

After a few minutes of rest, the boy was back to his usual self, eager to continue playing. But his mother reminded him to be more careful and to think twice before attempting any risky stunts in the future.

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