Two children with post encounter tree


Two children were playing in the backyard when they spotted a tall tree that seemed to be the perfect target for their adventurous spirits. They decided to take a long wooden beam and use it to knock the tree down. The two kids were determined to succeed in their mission, so they began to swing the beam with all their might.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, they noticed that the tree was not budging. They continued to hit the tree with the beam, but it was as if the tree was made of steel. The kids were getting frustrated and tired from the effort, but they didn’t want to give up just yet.

After some time, they realized that they had no chance of knocking down the tree with just a beam. They learned an important lesson that day: not every challenge can be solved by brute force. They decided to let the tree stand and moved on to a new game, happy to have each other as playmates.

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