Fail jump on treadmill with jumping pole stick


A video of a man attempting to jump over a treadmill using a pole stick has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The man, who appeared to be in good shape, had set up a treadmill in front of a padded mat and had placed a pole across the treadmill to use as a jumping stick.

As he began to run on the treadmill, he attempted to jump over it using the pole, but instead, he missed the mark and crashed into the treadmill, falling onto the mat below. Despite his best efforts, the man could not seem to get the timing right and continued to fall each time he attempted the jump.

The video has garnered numerous reactions online, with many people criticizing the man’s lack of preparation and safety measures. Others have found humor in the situation, with memes and parodies being created and shared widely.

This serves as a reminder that attempting stunts without proper training, equipment, and safety precautions can lead to serious injury. It’s important to always prioritize safety over the desire to impress or entertain others.

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