Boy turns quickly with scooter

fall with scooter

The sound of wheels scraping against the pavement echoed through the deserted parking lot. The boy’s friends cheered him on as he picked up speed on his scooter. He approached the empty corner of the lot, preparing to make the perfect drift.

He leaned his body to one side, attempting to slide the back wheel of the scooter out. But instead of gliding smoothly, the scooter lost balance and wobbled. The boy’s eyes widened in panic as he realized he was about to fall.

With a loud crash, he hit the pavement, scraping his elbow and knee. His friends rushed over to check on him, but the boy pushed them away, too embarrassed to admit his mistake.

As he limped home, he couldn’t help but replay the fall in his mind. He knew he shouldn’t have attempted the drift, but the desire to impress his friends had clouded his judgment.

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