Thieves are targeting with snow balls

funny fail compilation

A group of youths found themselves in the middle of a snow-covered park, with no real idea of what to do. Suddenly, one of them picked up a handful of snow, formed it into a tight ball, and launched it at his friend. This set off a chain reaction, as each member of the group began to do the same.

Soon, the park was filled with flying snowballs, and the group was laughing and shouting with joy. They divided into teams, with each side taking a corner of the park, and the snowball fight became a full-blown battle.

As the snowballs whizzed past them, the group darted behind trees and benches, using whatever cover they could find. One of the boys took advantage of a mound of snow and built himself a fort, from which he launched a fierce attack on the other team.

In the end, everyone was exhausted, but happy. They trudged back home, their faces red and their clothes soaked, but already planning their next snowball fight.

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