Falling to the ground after a failed jump with scooter

fubar rider jump

A young boy’s attempt at a daring stunt on his scooter ended in disaster when he crashed into a wall. The boy had constructed a ramp using some old planks of wood and a few bricks and had convinced himself that he was going to fly through the air like a professional stuntman. However, as soon as he took off, it was clear that things were not going according to plan.

The boy landed awkwardly on the scooter, causing it to wobble and lose control. He then crashed straight into the wall, hitting his head and knocking himself unconscious. Fortunately, some bystanders witnessed the accident and immediately called for an ambulance.

The boy was rushed to the hospital with a concussion and several cuts and bruises. His family was shaken by the incident and urged other children to be careful when attempting stunts on their scooters. The boy learned a valuable lesson and promised never to attempt such a dangerous stunt again.

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