Jumping a ramp on an air mattress


Two people were getting ready to jump from a ramp onto a large mattress floating in the lake. They revved up their engines and sped towards the ramp, flying through the air in unison. They landed on the mattress with a satisfying thud, causing a small splash of water to jump out of the lake.

However, on the other side of the mattress, another person had been waiting for his own turn to jump into the water. He had timed his jump perfectly and landed with a spectacular splash, soaking everyone around him.

The two people on the mattress were caught off guard by the sudden wave, and they were thrown off balance. They stumbled around on the mattress, desperately trying to regain their footing, but it was no use. They both lost their balance and fell into the water, laughing and coughing up water as they splashed around.

The other person in the lake swam over to them and helped them back onto the mattress. They all laughed and joked about the unexpected turn of events, enjoying the refreshing water on a hot summer day.

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