Nasty fall from a fishing boat in the lake


There are many creative ways to enjoy a day at the lake, but using a bathtub as a boat might not be one of them. That’s what one man found out when he attempted to take his bathtub out on the water.

As he pushed off from the shore, the man quickly realized that his bathtub was not seaworthy. The weight of the water and the uneven distribution caused the tub to capsize, and the man was soon flailing in the water.

Thankfully, he was able to make it to shore safely, but not before he learned a valuable lesson about the importance of safety and preparedness when enjoying outdoor activities.

While it’s always fun to try new things, it’s important to prioritize safety and use equipment that is designed for its intended purpose. The man may have had a humorous mishap, but it could have been much more serious if he hadn’t been able to make it back to shore.

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