Rebound car during the dyno test

dyno test foul

Dyno testing is a common practice used to measure a vehicle’s horsepower and torque. During a dyno test, the vehicle is strapped onto a dyno machine that measures the power output while the car’s engine is revved up. However, dyno testing can be risky if not done with proper safety measures in place.

In one instance, a Subaru Impreza fell from a dyno test during acceleration time, causing significant damage to the vehicle and potential injuries to the driver. It’s important to ensure that the vehicle is properly secured onto the dyno machine and that safety equipment, such as wheel chocks and safety straps, are in place to prevent accidents.

Additionally, it’s important to have experienced and qualified technicians perform dyno testing to ensure that the equipment and testing procedures are done correctly. By taking these precautions, dyno testing can be done safely and accurately without any incidents.

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