Young man out of the car after furious drift


During a drift race with a yellow BMW E36 Coupe, the driver lost control of the car, causing him to fall out of the vehicle while it continued to spin out of control. Spectators were shocked as they watched the driver tumble onto the pavement, fortunately avoiding any serious injury.

The car finally came to a stop in a cloud of smoke, and the driver quickly got back on his feet to assess the damage. He was visibly shaken but thankfully unharmed. The crowd rushed over to check on him and offered their support.

The driver later admitted that he had been pushing the car beyond its limits, trying to impress the audience with his skills. He learned a valuable lesson that day and vowed to never take such reckless risks again. The incident serves as a reminder that even experienced drivers can make mistakes, and safety should always be a top priority on the road.

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