Beating a bike in the forest


A thrilling ride on a mountain bike through a forest can turn into a disaster in just a split second. One minute you’re flying through the woods with the wind in your hair, and the next, you’re falling off a jump and tumbling through the air. That’s what happened to John, an experienced mountain biker who decided to try his luck on a new trail in the forest.

As he approached the jump, he built up his speed, took a deep breath, and went for it. But something went wrong. Maybe he misjudged the angle, or perhaps he was going too fast. Either way, his bike didn’t make it to the other side, and he landed awkwardly, tumbling head over heels.

John lay there for a moment, stunned, before slowly getting up and assessing the damage. His bike was battered and twisted, but thankfully he wasn’t seriously hurt. He walked his bike back to the car, vowing to stick to the easier trails from now on.

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